New Devialet SAM: Reinvents Speakers

SAM processes in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speaker matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone.

Devialet AIR: Wireless and Faultless

A Devialet is designed to accompany you in your new music usages. Thanks to Devialet AIR, you can play any music or films stored or streamed from your computer, tablet or smartphone in HD on your Devialet and benefit from the most exceptional sound ever produced.

Devialet at its peak

The exclusive ADH® technology combines the extreme fidelity of a class A amp with the power of a class D amp, providing the best performances ever achieved to date. This explains why the Devialet has received the most awards and recorded the highest sales figures around the world.

Your sound, your Devialet

We aimed to offer the right Devialet for you, and dreamt up three models, which will match your usages and your budget. But no compromise whatsoever was accepted for sound quality. The ADH platform is absolutely identical for all Devialet units. One single sound.

The all new Devialet

comes in 5 sizes



120W per channel (under 6Ω). All of the promises of a Devialet with no compromises, its ADH, upgradability, ultra-simple use, a magnificent look, and all so easy to fit in your home.




200 / 400


200W per channel (under 6Ω). The preferred unit of audiophiles for professional analogue and digital inputs/outputs, power and the wealth of customisation and setting options.

Configurable as a 200W Mono-Block, with paired 200's creating the 400 with 2 x 200W Mono-Block capability.



250 / 800


250W per channel (under 6Ω). The Devialet without compromise for enthusiasts. Equipped with complete options, over-powerful, and totally upgradable. Exclusive solid aluminium hand-polished frame.

Configurable as a 670W Mono-Block; a pair creating the 800 with 2 x 670W Mono-Blocks.